CNC Plasma Cutting Machines


Uzma CPL Series Plasma Cutting Machines has a double side gear drive and it’s designed with strong steel construction for positioning capability at high speeds. You will have a precise cutting ability at X-Y axis with linear guide ways and 30m/min speed. It has ability to mantain constant at the same height and the quality, with the Arc-THC control sensor.


CPL Line


  • Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC Control Unit
  • Windows based CNC control unit.
  • Plasma Power Source Hypertherm 
  • Manual Gas Consol- Hypertherm
  • Cutting plate alignment function with Laser
  • Manual or Automatic cut selection
  • Torch positioning with laser light
  • Automatic ignition torch system
  • Automatic Torch Hight Control (Uzma Sensor THC)
  • Torch collision protection.
  • +/- 45° manual bevel cutting
  • Dual side Helical rack, pinion and   AC Servo motors on X axis which gives smooth and fast motion


  • Syncronised drive gives smooth and without vibration motion.
  • Brushless AC servo motors on all axis
  • High precious positioning possibility with linear sledge system on all axis.
  • Platform type on bridge side or Portable CNC control panel
  • CNC control outputs/inputs for vacum table & filtering unit
  • High vacuming capability with lower energy consaption
  • Independent cutting table system
  • Multi head Plazma and multi head oxy fuel cutting possibilities.
  • +/- 0,02 mm positioning accuracy.
  • +/- 30m/min positioning speed


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