Profile Punching Machines


Profile Punching Machine

With UZMA PDM – Profile Punching Machines you can punch tubes and different types of profile  with special designed moulds; the machine is able to punch 1,2,4,….6 holes at once. UZMA PDM – Profile Punching Machines are one of the best and economical solution for serial tube and profile punchings. With models that extend from 3 meter to 6 meter and from 15 ton to 45 ton, UZMA PDM – Profile Punching Machines brings the punching for the health care, shelf, furniture and other industries. The PDM series Profile Punching Machines can be produced through the customer necessities and requests in different capacities and lengths. The moulds are produced and designed through the customer products for the best quality punching solutions. The movement of carriage is with Servo motor and on linear sledges for high accuracy. Mould are produced according the customer product & needs.


PDM Line


PDM-D Line


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BENDIS ENGINEERING ЕООD is the exclusive representative of the world’s leading sheet/profile cutting and bending machine producers.

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